Mynette Obercosm

#1 – Too OP? Come on in!



Let me welcome you to the my new house made with love. Indeed, you’ll find this place inside this creation / reality, whatever you want to call it, more than capable to contain your most powerful self. So relax and put all your fifty foot height up inside The Overpowered House.

Yes, I know, fifty feet is quite a microscopic size and you might be asking, “why didn’t you just make the house larger?” I insisted to my husband-brother that the house must be of a humble size so it wouldn’t alienate the fans too much. The house is about a couple hundred of feet in height, and we had to make sure it was solid and sturdy. Each block of this homely castle was made from the dense chunks of our star-sized planet. We settled for a castle like the days of Kings and Queens where the castle was the most powerful house in the kingdom. Even with the microscopic size, we have the bigger-on-the-inside space-time-warp thing working with some the rooms, I think. Who was it that installed it? A Doctor Whatchamacallit? Pure science was never not my cup of tea. But we were able to fit most people inside the common areas without too much fuss. But, if you’re still not so comfy when inside, you can always sit outside, there is plenty of land for you and your activities.

You say you’re even larger? It won’t matter one bit! Believe me when I say that if you’re large enough to hold the entire universe in the palm of your hand, you will fit in with the crowd. Even if we can’t fit you on our planet, I’m sure many of us can grow to meet your needs eye-to-eye and still socialize over black hole tea and cosmic sweets. We do own this reality after all and it’s a good thing too; I just utterly detest arriving at a universe only for the hosts to not have any milky ways to go with tea, simply unacceptable! Let me tell you, I have been to enough restaurants where I’ve been told: “sorry, we don’t have rooms large enough to fit those,” or “we regret to inform you that we are unable to serve people of your stature.” With these so-called Michelin star hotels and restaurants? Have they even tried to hold up a bloody neutron star for that matter? Honestly, these are the incompetents who don’t give two shits just because my power class breaks their system. So what if I just happen to be the largest consumer they’ve ever had. It used to be so lovely back in the day when the mere act of making your eyes glow brought you immaculate service.

Doing that now, may end up being the last thing you do. I kid you not. Showing everyone how much raw power you have just does not work anymore in getting what you want, unless you want to disappear. It happened to gods, forces of nature and overpowered people like me, mostly because they don’t believe you. Even if you stood in front of a live audience, roaring into the heavens, posing your body for all to see as you let yourself radiate in skin-tight clothing or lack thereof for titillating affair. Regardless of your methods, if they still reject you, poof, you no longer exist. Why? Because it’s bloody twenty-nineteen!

You should already know who they are if you’re all-knowing. For the rest of us, I’ll tell you. These are the people who watch us and take their hate of the overpowered to social media, calling us boring, one-dimensional, and other names like “Mary-Sue,” which by the way, is a lovely name if you happen to be named as such. These normal, everyday, so-called underpowered beings ironically found their true strength in the rejection of characters. I hope the house can be a place for those who seek asylum from the Too OP social movement. I don’t want to lose any more of my loves. I want more from life and to enjoy its fruits. But even I fear that in my desire for consuming more, I might feed the underpowered’s desire for rejecting people. They must be convinced not to use that power. As long as they have it, they will be too great for us.

I suppose it just means we overpowered need to become something even greater.

Now, if you may excuse me, I need to throw this illegally parked 75 ton vehicle at its rightful owner.
(Photo: Mynette Obercosm / Overpowered House)

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