Myniki Obercosm

#10 – The Overpowered Housekeeper



   Hey, name’s Mynn or Myniki, but people call me Niki. I’m the big sister out of the bunch, and the youngest by a few hundred years, just 23 years I’ve existed for.

   Someone’s got to take care of the OP house whenever it’s been blasted with holes, infected with some magical viruses or if monsters rise up and out of the toilets and roof, I take care of all of that. I also keep an eye on my other sisters here to make sure their evil habits stay here. At least, that’s why I try to do.

   Sucks that I can’t stop my sisters in a straight-up fight. I can throw all the fighting tech that I know at them, but one serious hit from any of them and my ass is their salad.  Just means that I have to figure out other ways to beat them. It’s part of my ongoing training. Being physical shouldn’t be the only thing. Getting better, learning and growing in the right ways are my operus mondi. That’s why I’m here.
Cooking up cosmic with this spiced-up solar souffle. (Myniki Obercosm / The Overpowered House)
   Check out this compact mini-star souffle. I came up with this dish while on my way to Crora 3E0C. I’m always hungry, but after a day of having to wipe out an invasion army of near a million, I’m feeling like I can eat up a cosmic cow. I wasn’t near a flash food place and I’m sure as heck not strong enough in this form to mess with the stars. I ended up taking a tiny piece of one and infused it with spices native in that solar system to make it even better. My sisters always said that everything tastes good and couldn’t taste any better, that’s BS. You can always make a good meal better and good luck eating their cooking.

   By the way, that wiping out of an invasion army thing? Don’t blame the tall, jacked-up girl with the sharp ears and teeth. If the evil guys took over, billions would be enslaved to make that fake crap you get from the interplanetary on-line stores, yeah, those ones. Sorry-not-sorry for increasing your cost of living, but it’s part of the superhero gig.

   Out there, at work, I’m Ælfric Girl, the most awesome elf hero ever! I'm totally Ælferific! Every day at work, there’s always some criminal's ass to kick. I’m more or less an overpowered flying brick with boobs, so I get called in to do the heavy lifting, heavy punching or heavy distracting. I don’t mind that, as long as I can do awesomeness while looking good doing it! The people who took care of me as an orphan kid brought me solid. I’m one of the good gals who will support you and watch your back. My parents helped me fit in and tried to help me not look so scary as I grew up and stuck out. I think ninety-nine out of a hundred times, it’s my teeth that freaked people. It took a while for people to get used to me, but it’s better now. They know I’m here for them in an Ælferific way and not here to eat their hearts out.
Well, most people anyway. Need a lift guys? I don’t bite. (Peak Paragons)

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