Mynnie Obercosm

#12 – The Overpowered Counselor



   Hello there, I'm Mynn. I am the same Mynn who edited the last chapter and left that trigger warning for you before you read Mynn's piece. It was important that I did because of the tragedy of Mynn's Maxx partner. Some of you might have been very troubled by what Mynn wrote last chapter. But it was important to read it in its authentic voice. 

   Even fictional life isn't easy especially with audiences who have shorter attention spans and their tendencies to ignore characters, let alone overpowered ones. I can only imagine how this is like in your life, your real life. I just wonder.

   Rest assured, as the OP Counselor, I will listen to people and try to help people with existential difficulties for a competitive fee. I may not be certified or have formal education, but, one still has to try. I feel that every person deserves to live a wholesome and full existence. I also know that many get lost on their path to power. Everyone has power that is so close, they can taste it. Feeding off those passionate energies are what makes my career worthwhile.  So much thickness like an endless sea of multi-colored milkshakes. Mmm...

   Oh my! I got so worked up over this, I forgot that my sisters had the same true name as me. They are me and I am them, but we're all very different. I apologize for the confusion. Please call me Mynnie. That is the new name I've adopted since meeting my sisters. 

   After the previous chapter left a dark aftertaste, I felt that I should try to make my entry more light and positive, like a pair of angel buns with godly icing in between them.

   You are powerful and beautiful. I wanted to remind you of that, no matter if you are a tiny fairy or a cosmic horror. Each and every one of you have unique powers that are important in every creation whether it's fiction or non-fiction. Take pride that no matter how you were created, you have purpose and meaning. Do not believe anyone if they tell you anything different because you exist for a reason, it is only a matter of finding, discovering and re-discovering your purpose and power.
Every day, I encounter overpowered clients who are lost in finding their purpose and true desires.
I work to guide them to the power that awaits them.
(Mynnie Obercosm / The Overpowered House)
   We all have problems in finding our power, especially if you are someone with an infinite amount of options.  An overpowered counselor like me can be your guide in plotting that course to find it.

   Take me for example. I was a reserved person unlike other Mynns who are more flamboyant. If you have been in our house chatroom, you've seen that. I tried not to be the center of attention, yet during times of lesser self-control, I would shift into an overwhelming presence that reached beyond world-breaking and consumed everything around me. But as I reached out and took more of what I desired, I realized just how liberating it was. To let things go and to give myself permission to have more and become more until I exploded out of my shell and realized my true purpose. No longer was I afraid. I accepted what I was regardless of my mind, body and spirit. 

   I am a very powerful dark elf antimatter woman with an endless hunger. I have the power to help people find their own true power and tasted them; so many powers with distinct flavors. Thanks to my work, many lives were spared and my clients would contribute to my own strength. With more power, I can enjoy the pleasures of existing while helping more people to find their true strength.

   So please, if you need someone to listen or help you explore your potential, please make an appointment with me. Do not worry too much about my fee. Once we begin to talk, I'm sure we can work out a delicious arrangement. 
Naturally, how you pay my fee is up to you, as long as those powers are full-bodied.
(Mynnie Obercosm / The Overpowered House)

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