Myniki Obercosm

#13 – Ælfric Girl vs The Ego Goddess


   Hey, it’s Ælfric Girl, the most awesome elf hero standing in front of-- who was she supposed to be? She said she wasn’t my Mom, thank gawd and her name was Mynn too. She kinda looked puny but wasn’t much shorter than me. 
   “I’ll repeat myself again dearest little sister, which is what you are,” she lectured. ”I am the original Mynn and you are clearly an immature variant copy of me. Understand?”
  I nodded, “Got it. Let’s fight until the food gets here, I want to see how strong you really are.” I smiled at her. No way was I gonna pass this up, it’s rare that I got to fight someone stronger than me. I placed my boot forward and leaned in with my arms up and let my strength unfurl, pumping me up with energy.
   Mynette scowled and placed her hands on her hips. “I existed far longer than you. So it should be obvious how much of a gap in power there is between us,” she said. 
   “Even though I totally stomped you. Just saying,” I taunted. 
   “You were lucky!”
   “If you say so… ‘Ego Goddess Mynette.’”
   The growls from her mouth intensified and she stomped one foot after another to get herself in some sort of fighting stance. I resisted the urge to smile at the bad stance and narrowed my eyes. Doesn’t matter if she never trained one day in her life, if she’s that much stronger than me, it only takes one good hit or one dumb mistake to end the fight then and there. None of that long winded crap you see in cartoons, this was way more epic. 
   I took a breath and got myself in the zone, speeding up my perception as everything around me slowed. In reality, my senses were on hyper mode, every grain of dirt, every breath, every twitch, I can sense them. If she was like me, no doubt she could do the same. I was counting on my training to get me through her lack of prep. Already I saw so many weak spots open that I can pick apart, but something in me kept me still and tight, until my instincts screamed to dodge. I launched myself back narrowly avoiding a fist that slammed into the ground. While in midair, I leaned further back as a foot brushed by my hair. I tried to plant my feet down to reset my stance, only to find that there was no ground to plant on, shit! I flew backwards as she charged at me, sharp teeth bared. I shifted side to side while fists showered around me, only one strike nicked my forearm. It wasn’t a direct hit, but it felt like getting stung by an insect goddess. On the next strike, I dodged and took hold of the her arm. It felt harder than anything I had ever felt. How dense was she? I pulled and rotated myself, throwing Mynette into the mountains on the horizon. Moments later, some of the peaks of the mountains broke off and clouds of dust rose into the air. 
   I stood still while I massaged my forearm and looked around to get my bearings. I saw why I wasn’t able to step on the ground before. That first punch from Mynette into the ground left a crater the size of a freakin’ city under me and this planet was the strongest I’ve been on. Man, if this were any other planet, just how damage would she have done? 
   The ground rumbled and my gaze rose back up to the horizon. A roar thundered through the clouds and the mountain of rubble burst apart as a figure rose back up. 
   “Break time’s over,” I thought as I wiped sweat and dust from my brow. I couldn’t help but smile, no way she’ll be going to hold back now. I’m counting on her to be crazy sloppy in her attacks. No sooner than I finished my thoughts a flash of light burst from the horizon. That beam of energy came like a giant jet and I couldn’t get fully out of the way. It nicked my shoulder but I kept upright. I flew down and below the beam looking forward then further out. I took a deep breath, so much power thrown around and it smelled good, real good and I licked my lips. I used that scent and zoned in on my target, letting my eyes lock onto her periwinkle hair, purple eyes and slim fit body. I shot through the sound barrier and the next, and the next, faster, harder, tensing my legs, clutching my right fist and filled my arm with as much power as I could. I flew up from under her and slammed my arm across her stomach. The explosion from the hit tore open a new canyon with a gap hundreds of feet wide and sent her flying back. My arm became numb then pain shot up through my shoulder, I hissed and resisted the pain, instead focusing on keeping up with her and pummeling her with shots to her body. It felt like I was hitting a wall with crazy hard armor, maybe a planet all squished into this small body of Mynette’s. Guessing this is how others feel while they fight me. I raised my arms with hands clasped together and hammer punched The Ego Goddess into the ground that left a mile wide crater. My arms flopped to the sides and twitched. 
   “Too damn hard!”  
   I floated and landed next to Mynette who didn’t seem all that dazed, but enraged. She hissed at me and in return, I did what every young superhero did, I flashed my sister a wicked smile and asked her a question, 
   “Was that the best you got?” 
   Her eyes glowed and she roared as the area around me glowed a magenta color. I flew back as quickly as I could, covering my arms as a column raw energy exploded straight into the air decimating the land and left a massive hole in the ground. When I was clear, my eyes scanned side to side and managed to see the fist coming at me from my left. I ducked and kicked her ribs, we both staggered back and I took the moment to use my gravity to pull her up to me and punched, then pulled and punched, again and again like a paddling ball. My right arm felt like jelly as each punch grew weaker. Mynette eventually pulled against at my gravity well and my body lurched forward. I pulled back as hard as I could, but it was too late. She flung me over her head and sent me hurling towards the ground. I wailed in the air a second before I tensed my body, stabilized myself and crashed on the ground, only a small crater this time. I got back to my feet and still had some left in the Ælfric Tank, but I definitely needed to end this one way or the other before she overpowered me physically. 
   I noticed a glow from in the air and looked up. Mynette held a ball in her hand about the size of a basketball. The ball grew to boulder size, then large bounder size, then, well shit.  I’m in the center of a scene like in the fighting cartoons when the villain is about to blow up the planet. Except, this was family. 
   I got into a stance, cupped my hands and shot them forward shouting “HAAAAAAA!” I wanted epic energy to fire from my hands and into the air to destroy both the ball and take the win like Ælfric Girl always did. I didn’t even fire off so much a spark. I had no idea how to shoot energy the way Mynette did. Ah hell, I just made my mistake in this fight by letting the ball grow to the size of a couple cities at least. 
   “You little Mynn Meathead!” she roared. “I am the Goddess of this creation and you will not humiliate me on my own world!” 
   She threw her arm down and the glowing ball of doom rushed towards me. I could totally dodge this, but then I wondered if there were anyone living on this planet? Surely there wasn’t any, since our fight would have wiped out half of a country, right? But, I didn’t check. If I’m wrong and innocents were killed, it would be all my fault and the end of my career. But I didn’t see anyone, but I didn’t check, Fuuuuuuck! 
   I raised my hands and accepted this Ego Goddess’s punishment. The glow of the ball engulfed the air and slammed into my hands. My body tensed and poured all of its strength into pushing back. The heels of my boots stabbed the ground and sunk but I reset my stance with two heavy steps letting my knees bend and I pushed back up with my legs. They flared and bulged as I could feel more power rise and flood into me. I needed more, I can’t let anyone people die on my watch even if this bitch claimed this planet as her own. I am Ælfric Girl, most awesome elf hero ever and I’m not letting any evil sisters take away innocent lives! I screamed to let out more of my strength and thought about the millions, no, billions of people that could be on this planet. I gripped the ball and felt my strength multiply to levels I never before felt. I let loose another shout, “Ælferific!!!!” and heaved the ball back up into the sky. The giant ball launched into space and within a moment, it hit a nearby moon and the sky lit up in a radiant haze of purple before dying down with only moon dust left it its wake. 
   I panted, my arms flopped and I fell to the ground. I couldn’t move as streams of purple lightning danced around my body. I did it, yeah, I’m way more awesome than I totally was before and all of this was worth it. But when I looked up, I saw my opponent descending like the Goddess she truly was with her hands on hips again. Mynette’s clothes were dirty and ripped in a few places, but the rest of her only had dust. For all my effort to hurt her, she probably only one bruise on her ego. 
   Her bare feet landed on the ground and she walked towards me. I tried to move, but my body only shivered, too weak and my power wasn’t coming back quickly enough. Unlike before, the steps weren’t one of domination or intimidation, but calm ones. She reached me and looked down. I looked up and met her gaze.
   “Well?” she asked me. 
   I then remembered about the people on this planet and balled my right fist. I launched whatever little strength I had left into the strike at the face. She tanked it without moving, and I sobbed in pain. I fell back down but her hand caught me by the collar and pulled me towards her.  
“This game that you’ve played with me dear, is over,” she said. “You had your chance to gain more power, but you super-squandered on that effort.” 
   “What are you talking about? I gave it my all,” I groaned. 
   “That monster morsel I served up to you just now could have made you a far more powerful foe.” 
   “You mean that glowing ball of doom you tried to crush me with? Yeah right. That was my personal best lift.”
   “You could have used that ball to become stronger than me you titanic twat!” 
   Mynette opened her mouth to say something and her jaw just hung for a moment as she eyed me again. She let me go and made a heavy sigh. 
   “Ugh, you are utterly unbelievable,” she snorted. “You didn’t even know you could consume energy?”
   I coughed in surprise, and sat up looking at myself. I did look stronger. Was that how I fought off that ball? Eat up energy and boom, monster gains?
  “How old are you? Have you even transformed?” Mynette asked. 
   “I’m 22 and transform into what?” I replied. 
   At that question, Mynette burst out laughing. It wasn’t one of those evil mastermind laughs from a villain, but one of genuine humor that made me wonder if she really was trying to blow up the planet, or, maybe was she still holding back a lot.
   “Oh my dear little, little Mynn,” she started with a smirk. I groaned, of course she’s going to rub it in with that huge ego of hers. “It’s quite obvious your big sister has much to teach you about being a fully Mynn-grown woman.”

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