Mynette Obercosm

#2 – Destructive Beginnings



You would think that for a power couple, it would be simple to create new life and civilizations. First off, all creations made in the twelfth dimension are managed and brokered by the Holy Continuum Exchange. With the prices they charged, we had to settle for purchasing a used creation. I was tempted to try to take over another creation using all of the evil tactics I’ve grown to love, but, it would have probably been more costly than what it’s worth, especially if I had to deal with these absolute gods who controlled the system. That was just the creation container. They didn’t provide us with anything within. For that, to get all the life that was part of a creation pre-made, you would have to pay for the premium package.

Fortunately, my husband-brother and I were made out of what you and everything else were made out of; matter, along with the antimatter to boot! Turns out we were living beings of power completely stuffed with both and gained more of it universal mass by universal mass. You already knew it took a big bang to create a universe, so, to make a creation, it seemed obvious we had to massively scale up to multiversal-level. How else to begin it all with an intimate night with my lover, alone in the empty creation container, cuddling, touching, growing bigger, harder, getting all pent up and becoming more, more, MORE! BOOM! Oh, to destroy and create like that, so divine!

With our new creation filled with matter from our bodies, we reformed still having more than enough mass to fill five-dimensional space. So, we compressed ourselves into microscopic human sizes to continue our work to build The Overpowered House in three-dimensional space.
“What’s next?” I asked my husband-brother Maxel.
“Next we wait about three billion or so years, for everything to come together,” he replied. His tail swished and rubbed against my shin as he read off his smartphone.
“Three billion? You can’t be serious!”
He nodded back at me. “It’s what the guide said, wait three billion years for the steam to cool.”
“Why wait, when we could just travel forward three billion years, with what? A few quick turns through the fifth-dimension?”
“I don’t know. We got lost the last time we tried that. Maybe we should wait for that a time-traveling app to come out?”
“Oh please, it’s not that complicated!” I huffed, grabbing my husband’s hand. I warped and shifted space-time around us using my personal gravitational field and launched ourselves into speeds far faster than light speed. Once we reached the require speed, the whole fourth dimension spread out like a road with frames as if you suddenly flew along long line of film. I took a whiff within the cosmic vacuum as we zoomed by the frames of time, checking each passing frame for any signs of a modern universe. I soon picked up a distinct scent, a scent I recognized from anywhere and of course, anytime.
“Chocolate!” I hissed. Indeed, it was Dark Chocolate, a bittersweet treat invented in modern times and used liberally on the most devilish of desserts. We slowed our speed and the frames below us rose and expanded. Once we dived in and stopped, the universe was no longer a steamy fog but a vast collection of celestial bodies. “What’s next?” I asked.
“Step three, find a suitable planet to build your kingdom,” Maxel replied.
“Is that all Maxx darling?” I groaned at him. “Surely one mere planet isn’t enough.”
Maxel smiled, “Come on Mynn, haven’t you heard of the saying ‘less is more?’”
“Absolute nonsense! You can always have more!”
At that point, my stomach growled and the urge to consume all of what I saw before my eyes grew. I took another couple of sniffs in space and turned in the direction of that chocolaty smell and hissed. Maxel looked at me with concern, goodness, I must have been drooling like a deranged monster from one of those sci-fi movies. Realizing this, I relaxed and regained my composure, I was a proper lady who always had control over herself.
“If the planet has plenty of chocolate I’m sure it would be suitable for my plans.”
“Our plans.” Maxel corrected me.
“Yes, our plans,” I clarified.

This must a dream, but it’s not! A beach resort placed in the forefront with mountains looming in the back while I wore the appropriate summer outfit that showed off my well toned medium skinned legs and arms with softness through my torso. Could this not get any better? My long pointy ears twitched and picked up the distant sounds of ice cream being plopped on a platform of pastries. A waiter pushed through the door, struggling and stumbling as he carried a salad sized bowl with two hands. He truly went beyond the call in hefting my order and set it in front of me with a thump that shook the bar. Layers upon layers of brownies made the foundation of a mountain chocolate ice cream drizzled in a hot fudge sauce and chocolate sprinkles. At the top of this mountain was a star shaped triple chocolate cookie on top.
“Are you okay dear? That looked extremely heavy,” I said.
“I’m fine,” he panted. “I’m just glad I could get it out here for your group to share.”
“I’m not sharing this my dear,” I told him.
“You can eat this on your own? Won’t you get fat?” he asked.
I held back a snort. I know it seemed unlikely that a slender woman my current size can eat something made for ten, maybe twenty or more people, but please, never ask a question that pertains to a proper lady’s weight no matter how she looked. It’s quite rude. To be fair, he probably saw me just as a tall elf-like woman with a slender/fit build, purple eyes and periwinkle hair shaped like a fountain, nothing more, but you all already knew that I was far more than that.
“You said you put in as many brownies as you could, yes? There were no more?” I asked him, dodging the weight question.
“After this, we have no more brownies or ice cream today,” he replied.
I smiled at his creation with sharp teeth, gripping the bowl with one hand, then lifted it up towards my face. As I reached for the spoon, I noticed the petrified look on the waiter. Right, he probably never dealt with a consumer of my power level.
“Darling, it’s simply the most devilish of desserts to have ever been created before me, your Goddess would be proud.”
He nodded and gently stepped back probably knowing who his Goddess was, namely me.
“Hey Mynn, you should come take a look at this view,” Maxel called out. I growled in annoyance, but let myself relax. This place was beautiful and I can wait a few more moments before I truly savored this dessert. But only a few more moments! I took a pen and wrote the name I used at the time “Mynn” and set it in front of the bowl.
“Now don’t go away. I’ll be back to eat you shortly.” I said to the food as if playing with prey.

I flew up to a wall at the edge of the bar patio and joined my husband-brother. In front of us, was a symphony of rivers that fell off layers of multi-colored bushes which floated in the air. It gave it a crystal-colored look which made the entire scene look like it came directly out of a fantasy romance novel. I wrapped my arms around my short furry fiend and pecked him on his forehead. “It’s lovely.” I told him, feeling the power he held inside his body. It was quite warm, vast and it expanded to meet my demands as I demanded it. He would be the main course after I enjoyed the sweet appetizer back at the bar. I closed my eyes, taking a nice long whiff of the beach resort air as I slid my hands across on the stone wall. My eyes opened up and my hands pressed against the top of the wall as bits and pieces crumbled off the wall. I took another couple of sniffs of the beach air, noting one of the scents that were strong in presence had faded and continued to fade, namely my chocolate dessert! My head snapped back towards the patio bar and I spotted a short woman with golden skin with golden brown spiky hair with a pair of antennae sitting in the seat I sat at earlier. Her four orange wings buzzed as she took bite after bite of what was my dessert seemingly with no shame or ill effects to her stomach. It only took her a minute to devour it leaving streaks of fudge sauce, ice cream and brownie sprinkles all over her mouth. The sound of the spoon hitting the bowl rang through my ears as she took in all the pleasures of the dessert, my dessert!
“Mynn?” Maxel called, his gaze matched my own. I was already floating back to the restaurant, sharp teeth clenched with the target of my ire now on this bug woman along with my enraged hunger. “Chocolate-stuffed bug bitch” does sound quite delicious right about now!
“Excuse me,” I called out to her, floating with my hands on my hips. “Did you not see the name on top of that dessert you just ate?”
She craned her head up at me for a moment and picked up the card with my name on it. “Meinn?” she asked.
“That’s Mynn.”
“Oh good mate, just looking around for food. Didn’t see anyone eating this. This was free—”
“That dessert was mine and I want it back.”
She gave me a funny look, “Not possible. Claimed it.”
The audacity of this woman! She didn’t look one bit shameful or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sugar other than the pulsating buzz that came from her wings, no doubt still riding the waves of sweet pleasure that should have been for me. “Oh, I will make sure you are sorry when I am done with you, bug,” I growled at her.
The woman got off the seat and her wings buzzed from behind. “Fight,” she exclaimed. She got up and shot up in the air. I followed her in-kind and we floated about 20 feet in the air as the patrons and waiters of the restaurants watched. We both hovered closer to one another as we sized each other up. She wore an orange tunic with shorts and slacks only covering her knee and shins and brown footwear. With all the calories she ate, I’d expected either a sluggish opponent, but her tunic exposed a fit and trim stomach on an athletic looking figure.
“Ok.” she said as her wings buzzed. “Can take you. Beaten others. You’re not special!”
My jaw clenched harder than a vice and I tensed my body. She clenched a fist and drove it hard into my ribs. A loud bang shook the resort knocking chairs, bottles and patrons to the ground. The next moment, she yelped in pain holding her fist. She rotated and swung her foot into my ribs as another boom shook the patio restaurant and opened up crevices in the floor. This time, she cried out hopping in the air and holding her foot. I didn’t feel anything, except maybe a tap from this pest.
She floated back, putting some distance between us. “Why? Why? Why? Hard! Hard! Hard!”she cried. “What are you?”
“It doesn’t matter what I am my dear, what matters is what you did to my cake you gloriously gluttonous germ!” My voice rose in anger and its power tore through the tables and the bar, pipes within it burst and spewed water and spritz all over the staff. The people in the restaurant screamed and fled for their lives, as they should when faced with imminent danger, unlike this woman. She floated back, making a “T” sign with her hands. “Timeout! Timeout! You’re broke the game! No duel today! ‘Sides, I ate good, really good.”
“What?!” The light reflected off the golden irises of her eyes as she gave me a smile and waved.
“Quit!” then, her wings flapped so fast, it was like listening to electricity go through wires. They glowed and sprinkles floated around her body before she dissipated without leaving a trace or scent of chocolate behind.
I lunged forward and tried to grab her but I only managed to grip sparkles that faded through my fingertips. I growled as my rage manifested into a purple glow that surrounded me as the entire area trembled in the presence of my might.
“Mynn, calm down,” Maxel said. “Can we for once just enjoy things without destroying it all on the first day?”
I ignored my husband-brother and burned the image of that golden pest in my head. “Oh my darling dessert-eating bitch, for doing such an utterly foolish deed I will squash your head, your ass and eat everything you hold dear!” I hissed.
“Mynn… no!”

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