Mynette Obercosm

#5 – Overpowered Attractions



We were literally the largest stars ever to perform on this cosmic stage! Flashes of light bathed our bodies as we posed our bare masses to the celestial crowd. Our bodies couldn’t help but suck up all of their attention along with a lot of other things. In spite of Maxel’s mammoth manliness and my own mighty mountains of maiden, our hyper-sexualized looks were not what attracted them to us. Not at all, we were simply a pair of overpowered black holes pulling weight. Indeed, it was science over sexiness, fancy that.
I shifted my bosom and let their mass expand from within, until they looked like overfilled melons which bounced freely in slow-motion. I turned my head side to side, making the strands of my periwinkle colored hair wash across my face. My husband-brother leaned in and held me by my waist firmly. He nuzzled his head and his fur brushed across my body as he lifted me up. Kiss after kiss pressed on my tum-tum sending surges of raw power through me. I shivered with each one and trembled as his power fueled my desire. The flashes of lights that followed captured my billowing beauty in the awe of the cosmic eyes watching.
“Not yet. Not yet.” I thought. Our job in creating was not done yet, but it was so hard to keep this passion within me, but we still had to heed the warning we got.
“Mmmmmmm.” A moan leaked out of my lips as I arched my back allowing the audience an unrestricted view of my hyper-sized curves.
As I reached ten times Maxel’s size, I placed both hands around his body and pulled him closer to me. I embraced him as more flashes brightened up before I heard bangs around me. I glanced around to see planets colliding with stars, moons crashing into comets and faraway universes slamming into others. The audience, so tightly packed, shoved each other aside to find space to watch us. I hissed and licked my pet on his lips, and gave him a kiss, but just for a moment.
“More,” I whispered.
He whined. His expanding mass pressed against my hands and soon his muscles overflowed them. I let him go and watched him grow right before me, settling his delicious arms around me. Our hands explored our bodies until we found and held each other’s hands. We gripped each other tight and flexed. I felt him feed me a microscopic drop of energy and I gave him a microscopic drop of my mass in return. We both rumbled and boomed to a full light year in size roaring like the beasts we were.
It was as if everyone and everything in creation gasped all at once, collectively surrendering to our attraction. They rushed in, the sounds of collisions rumbled to a deafening volume before everything in creation crashed into us all at once, every planet, every star, every galaxy, every universe, simply everything! We howled as the raw power of the entire creation stuffed our bodies and it did not stop! Within moments, my stomach expanded and a new unfamiliar feeling brought me away from the rapture. It was the feeling of fullness through my body. As my hand slid to my belly it felt like a taunt balloon, quite an oddly familiar feeling that I haven’t felt since I was born. I glanced at Maxel whose stomach muscles also distended outward. I bent and gave it a light tap. The impact split apart the light and left deep trenches in space-time before it filled in with the Creation’s mass. Our bodies shuddered and rumbled as all that mass and power began to process within, exponentially magnifying, multiplying and grew within us increasing our power to heights we have never felt. As we stood, the fifth dimension cracked and splinted as timestream burst apart. My word, just how powerful were we getting?
“Maxx darl–” I stopped in shock at the sheer might of my own voice that boomed like an chorus of Gods. Those spoken two words shattered apart the rest of the fifth dimensional to reveal the higher level dimensions in our creation. 
“Goodness, Maxx dear, was your plan to also be here when everything collided together?”
“Ummm… is it too much?” Maxel asked in his own God-chorused voice. “I thought you said we can always have more!”
I thought so too, but my tummy groaned and felt a rise from within. The color of the light changed, then again, and again as we burst through the sixth, seventh and eight dimensions. Our backs pressed against the ninth dimensional wall as our bodies made contact. The simple touch, unleashed immeasurable force and the ninth dimension fell.
“We’re too much,” I thought as I remembered Nativo’s warning. Pushing down my desire for more, I grabbed Maxel’s hand and yanked him with me through the chaos towards the bridge out of the Container.

By the time we got out of our creation container we found ourselves in the twelfth dimension the size of birds compared the other people among us. We stopped and floated in what looked like corridors and doorways, within some kind of structure. I flew us through a hallway and hung a left, flying past someone’s faces, or rather a three faced head of someone’s. 
“The Obercosms,” they exclaimed. “This is hilarious! Lower level beings becoming too much for their own good.”
The being next to them adopted a feminine appearance, slender in build. “The original Mynn and Maxx are trying to become absolute? Do you even know you’re overloading? Nothing can handle absolute power! You’ll just pop like you always do before you even reach our status.”
“Shut up and point us to the exit!” I snapped at her. These absolute gods claim to be all-knowing and all-powerful but they seem to be all-idiots to not take our plight seriously. I glanced at Maxel, who panted with his muzzle open, his eyes were a bright blue that leaked streams of raw power. Goodness, just looking at his pecs, rising like mountains of fresh meat from the— gah, focus Mynn! I winced, feeling yet another surge from within as the pressure within my body rose. Glancing at a reflection, I could also see purple streams of raw power that flared from my own eyes. A pretty precarious sign that we were only moments from reaching critical and transforming from a far higher power level than what we’re used to. I pushed by the two and flew us further down the corridor before something wrap around our waists and jerked us back. Translucent ropes flew and tied around us before we fell like bugs to the ground. We both looked back up to see someone in a uniform bearing the Holy Continuum Exchange logo wearing a helmet. 
“HCE Security. Intruders will stand down!” the being said. 
I can’t believe even absolute gods employ bots. 
“It’s an emergency you metallic moron!” I shouted at it. “We need to get out before—” I screamed, the strings squeezed around us and we fell like hopeless bugs to the ground. The person reached down and picked me up in his hand. 
“You will now remain silent and submit to a scan,” it ordered.
“Hands off my wife-sister!” Maxel barked. 
“Negative. Obey instructions or you will be subject to further action.” 
Maxel growled, “Mynn, Mynn….Mynn!” he twisted and turned, then, he gritted his teeth and his eyes glowed brighter. His arms pulled and tensed as the strings around his body stretched. One by one the strings popped off his body before one powerful flex of his body, the rest of the strings exploded off. He flew up to his face and punched the security bot away, sending it flying down the hall and crashing into the far wall. Within a split-moment, I was within Maxel’s arms again. He carried me as if I were a child and I sure felt like one. 
“Are you okay?” he asked me. I blushed. Even while overpowered, chivalry was never too much for me. It excited me as I felt the strings tighten and burst as I grew to a proper maiden size within his arms.

We reached the ground now dog sized as an alarm blared through the speakers. More of those idiotic security guards entered and surrounded us. Seriously, are these gods not all-knowing? They raised their arms and their hands glowed. Indeed, you don’t need to be all knowing to know what happened next. After unloading their fill of energy blasts and attacks, Natvio came running as smoke billowed through the corridor. 
“Cease fire! Cease fire!” Nativo ordered them. The guards put down their hands and fell to one knee facing the rep. “Mr. and Mrs Obercosm? Are you two okay?”
When the smoke cleared, I saw the multi-appendage faceless rep and he saw me. It amused me how he really looked in the flesh. He was no taller than my chest level and looked like a pathetic stick. A few others arrived to see what was the matter, other Absolute gods who had absolute control of something, although they seemed to lack the absolute control of us as they gawked. I took a step and made the entire hallway jolt and throw people off their feet. 
“We’re quite swell.” I boomed, allowing my voice to rumble through the corridors. “Now, seeing as we have an audience blocking us, are you quite interested in watching us to go critical right here? It’s quite difficult to stay compressed but if you want us to destroy all of this, we could perform for you.”
“The exit’s straight ahead! Go!” he groaned.
“Thank you,” I replied. We ran past them and looked up towards the end of the hallway, spotting the exit from the facility. I heard a loud ping followed by a groan and a rip. A piece of bent doorway slid in front of me and I hopped over it, hitting my head head on hit the ceiling. Maxel hunched over as the ceiling pressed against his shoulders. When we got to the exit Maxel tried to push through the double doors and launched himself out taking a good chunk of the glass entrance with him. My own shoulders pressed against the ceiling and I charged for the exit but I tripped over a power cord that ran across the floor and fell, emerging partway. It jarred my concentration and my body filled out the the reception area. My legs grew back into the hallway and my hips filled and made tears within its metal within while my bosom squeezed in between the entrance, bending and cracking the glass panels around it. “Maxx! Pull me out!” I cried.
He grabbed my hands and ripped me out of the confines along with sprinkles of glass, metal and rubble that spread across the ground. The act also pumped him up as groups of Absolute deities looked on with contempt and comedy at the display. When we stood back up, the looks of their faces changed as they just looked higher and higher at us in awe. We must have been at least five times their size with as raw power criss-crossing our bodies.
“That, was your fault! It’s going on your maintenance bill!” Nativo exclaimed.
I resisted the urge to give him the finger as our heights doubled and redoubled. By the time we flew up to what would be this realm’s atmosphere, the land below stretched out in front of us. Once we reached orbit, our size had far exceeded that realm and I was very tempted to hold it in the palm of my hand and eat it. So much irony that would be, Absolute Gods consumed by mere mortals. Both of us flew as quickly as we could until we could see nothing more than white void around us. I made a sigh of relief.
“Now do you want more?” boomed Maxel, his pecs pressed against his chin, his muscles overfilled and surrounded with unstable power. Our time was up. We were huge, hard, pent up and ready to blow, oh gawd, I could not wait any longer.
“Give me more, more, more!” I boomed, my pent up restraints burst as we kissed.
That kiss triggered a bright light, followed an explosion that made the previous big bangs look like specks with our being spreading out all over the void, engulfing it, filling it and we burst right through into a higher dimension thundering boom. A higher dimension that the absolutes? Is that even possible? We spotted what looked like a creation container that housed the absolutes and other creations which kept getting smaller. I tried to grab it but it fell in between the gaps of my fingers but I remembered I could move things by controlling my gravity and it tried. I had it in my gravity’s grasp, then, it slipped through the gaps of magnetic waves. I reached out with my hand again, slashing at it with my claws, only for it to escape through the gaps.
“How?” I boomed. My body groaned and unleashed several more growth spurts which made that creation an atom compared to me. I was now a cosmic blue with a mix of black, blue and white hair. My “skin” was translucent and showed cosmic matter, antimatter and more developing within. My body extended far and wide, beyond what I thought was hyper massive, no, this critical body was unlike any size I achieved before as my body simply stretched into the horizon. Meanwhile, Maxel rose from the horizon with the same size, he glowed a bright magenta with magenta hair with the same skin/fur translucency. Indeed, we looked more like the siblings and lovers we were. I lunged at him, eager to consume as much of his raw power as I can. We embraced, the collision made the thirteenth dimensional void shatter and as we shot up again. Within moments we could only see ourselves around us, feeding each other more before as another power surge hit us, and another and another before the last ones ended, one stacking on the next unending and unraveling. It was now only us, in these unexplored dimensions. Even if I could find the creation of the absolutes that we came from, we couldn’t do anything to it, how small could it be now? Meanwhile, the absolutes could still do what they wanted with no fear from us. It dawned on me, that we outgrew them so much, their absolute power suddenly became relative to ours. In doing so, we could do nothing to them or anything below us. We were too big and too powerful! What use is power if it does nothing in the end?

We felt another ceiling above us and the floor below us and we were forced to lay on top of each other as we filled the fourteenth dimension. My feet pressed against one wall, my shoulders, arms and legs pressed on the sides, my back and my head pressed against the ceiling and I could feel Maxel’s body under me as his back and head wedged against the wall in front of me. Once we filled in the space, the largest power surge yet slammed into us. It sent a deep tremor through the fourteenth dimension and the sound of expanding mass and cracked walls overfilled it. As the moments ticked down to our self-destruction, I wondered if anyone cared if they couldn’t see us as we are now? I shivered in fear at the thought of not being regarded, but an euphoric sea of pleasure washed away those thoughts as I felt Maxel’s tower of power thrust inside of me. It overwhelmed my massive maidenhood with his energy while I allowed my mass to engulf his tower, so delicious, so much! Our arms burst through to the fifteenth dimension and while the rest of the walls cracked and split under the pressure. Who cares if we were nothing to everyone else, nothing was far greater than them and we were that nothing!
We looked in other’s eyes pure white, spewing with unrelenting power. We made one more demand of each other.
“Moreeeeee!” we roared as we flexed and burst into the fifteenth dimension, and our power overflowed into a blinding light.


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