Mynette Obercosm

#6 – Absolutely Relative


My eyes fluttered and a pure white light filled my vision. I wondered in that moment if I had truly died and gone to heaven. How would I look? Who would I meet? What food do they serve here? Gawd, I never felt so hungry for angel food. I gasped and woke up with a start as the light in my eyes shifted to an orange hue with distinct structures. Peering above me was an immense faceless woman who held Maxel and I in place on the ground with a pod from one of her tentacle hands across our bodies. She was with Nativo and another absolute god who were the same gigantic size as she. Goodness, did they decide after we were knocked out to relegate us back to bugs?
“We didn’t shrink you. You did that all by yourselves,” she replied unprovoked, obviously reading my mind. “You may call me Nafri. I’m the Absolute Knowledge.”
I sat up, brushing strands of periwinkle hair from my face. We were still quite big, hyper-muscular and immeasurably powerful, but we were the size of bugs compared to these absolutes and nowhere near the ridiculous sizes we were before. What happened?
“I don’t know,” Nafri replied, rudely reading my mind again. Wait, she didn’t know? I gawked at her for a moment, now realizing the implications of this impossible answer. “This has to be a joke! Are you trying to make a fool out of me?” I snapped at her.
Nafri’s chin dipped, “Does it look like I’m lying?” she snorted.
“If you are Absolute Knowledge, you should already know the answer to that!” I exclaimed.
Her tentacle pressed harder on us with such force, it pushed the air right out of me and I couldn’t speak for a moment. That’s new, I actually pissed off an Absolute, curiouser and curiouser as to whether I can take her and the HCE to Absolute Court over the poor treatment of a valued customer.
Nafri’s tentacle withdrew off us. I smirked.
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say something changed Nafri darling,” I teased.
“But you hardly knew her Mynn,” Maxel said.
“Maxx, you absolutely lack in the skill of approaching absolutes,”
“I think you should have a look at the sky,” Nativo said.
Maxel and I flew to their eye levels and we looked up. The skies above us had speckles of purple and blue on a backdrop of orange with streams of white that shifted like milky way cream streaming through light celestial coffee. Bizarre. If I recall, while we were big, the void was blank. Just how long were we up there for?
“By my estimate, around an hour using time units you’re used to,” Nafri said. “You slept for another hour before you woke up.”
“Would you stop reading my mind?” I snapped.
“Can’t help it,” she replied.
“So what happened to us after we got bigger than you?” asked Maxel.
The three faced Absolute leaned in making three pained smiles on their faces, “When you two entered the void, there was a bang and the sky turned blue and magenta,” they said. “We’ve never seen anything like it. It was fascinating.”
“No doubt they grew even larger Triris,” said Nafri “Their bodies maintained containment as their power exploded within.”
“We did watch the whole thing, or at least we tried,” each of Tritis’ faces spoke “Even as we, the Absolute Watchers couldn’t see all of them. You vanished after another boom and we lost track,” Tritis chuckled. “Not watching something was a new experience for us.”
“The void opened up a while after and now it’s like this,” Nativo said.
“And all of us are very curious about it.” The three-faced absolute gestured to their right and I had to hover forward to see groups of other Absolutes still looking up in the void that was now filled with, us?
“Yes. All of those are bodies of mixed matter and anti-matter,” Nafri replied.
Our attention piqued. “Mynn, so, how many of us do you think are up there now?” Maxel asked.
“A lot more of us, than we will ever, ever know,” I replied sighing.
“Impressive,” Maxel grunted and a subtle groan came from him. I turned and looked at my husband-brother. His meaty chest filled my vision and I blushed profusely not expecting to see such a manly chest. I had to look up quite a bit to see his head.
“Maxx dear, is your power rising again?” I asked.
“Is it?” he asked me looking over his body. Maxel bent down and touched me on my arm and I felt warm, then I felt myself swell larger, but not nearly as fast as earlier. The energy I got from him was heaven and I let a sigh escape my lips as more strength poured through my body. As we doubled in size to the size of larger bugs, I could see it in his eyes, he was ready once more to produce and I was ready to consume.
An appendage whipped out, separating Maxel and I, “No! No more!” Nafri snapped. “You people can never stop can you?”
I sneered, “Awww, maybe it time to face the fact that you’re just relative to us now. Oh well. As beings of power, I guess it’s our nature to overpower you.”
Nafri leaned in reminding me of just how insignificant we were compared to her still immense skyscraper-sized face that loomed. I could feel the weight of her fury push me down, but it was still worth seeding insecurity within an absolute.
“Play nice if you want to get back to your creation,” Nativo warned.
That shut me up. As I replayed the memory of the moment when we outgrew the absolute creation, it reminded me of the problems when we were more than the absolutes. The Absolute creation eventually grew too small and became out of our reach. We couldn’t eat it, manipulate it, destroy it or otherwise interact with it. Too much meant no power in the end. Without help, we would only going to repeat that feat.
“Fine! Tell us how we can get back to our creation,” I conceded.
“You need to keep getting rid of your mass from your bodies,” Nafri said. “You did it once, now keep doing it until you get to the right size.”
“By blowing ourselves up?” I grinned.
“By detonating,” Nafri clarified.
“We’ll make sure you get back to your creation after you detonate,” Nativo said “This time, it’s on the house, since you treated us to this nice cosmic show above and made my sister jumpy for once. Oof!”
Nafri elbowed him in the gut. Probably the only act I’m in agreement with.
“The next time we talk, I’ll need more answers from you Nafri,” I said.
“For a price,” Nafri said.
Once we got to a distance away from the facility, we settled on a rock.
“So what do we do now?” asked Maxel.
“Self-destruct, in the least pleasurable way,” I told him. “We still have a house to build.”
I took a breath and let the magnetic field around my body dissipate along with the surface of my body. The same thing was happening to Maxel as we began to leak matter and antimatter. The streams lit up like fuses and when they hit our bodies, we both glowed and an explosion rocked the realm.

The next time we came to, we were now back in the fifth dimension with our bodies fully decompressed and still sporting our rather extreme proportions. We found the spot in the time stream to go in and after compressing ourselves back down to extremely conservative three-dimensional forms, we took a look around. There was only one universe in the entire creation, much to our surprise.
“There isn’t much in there,” Maxel said “Where did it all go?”
There were only a few galaxies in our universe compared to a few trillion in a typical universe. I sniffed, and picked up notes of dense galaxies. After exploring our surroundings we arrived at what I would call a Sol sized planet. Normally, in most universes, it would have been be a bright yellow star by its sheer density alone. This planet was inhabitable with an atmosphere, water and land. It made me wonder just how much mass this planet actually absorbed during our cosmic exhibition. That thought was cut short while I took another sniff of the crisp cosmic vacuum and picked up a scent that would melt away any doubts that Maxel’s plan had worked.
“Chocolate!” I hissed and licked my lips. The familiar scent of chocolate got stronger as I followed it towards the planet. Could it be that this planet had a giant deposit of the sweet treat within in it? Goodness, if this planet’s core was made from chocolate, perhaps we did create paradise? The smell rose sharply as I got closer but then it vanished. I turned and sniffed, rotated and sniffed, took deeper breaths, gale breathes and vacuum strength within a vacuum breath. Try as I might to cling on to that sweet scent, it vanished.
“I don’t smell chocolate,” Maxel said.
I sighed. “Oh, forget it! Now that we have our planet, we just need to build the house.”
“So how do we build one?”
“What do you mean ‘how do we build one?’ Doesn’t that guide tell say how to do it?”
“DEUS gives guides on building houses for humans and aliens, but nothing about houses for really strong people.”
We were both at a loss, of course, we could ask Nafri and get some help from the Holy Continuum Exchange, ‘for a price,’ no thank you. So, I pulled out a smartphone from a pocket dimension and placed a call.

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