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#7 – Musical Powerhouse?


   So much for these do-it-yourself guides. They only take you so far until it leaves its more powerful target audience with an utterly fragile foundation. I think the discrimination came from their research involving stacks of comic books. They must think we overpowered are the perfect know-it-all beings made up of their dreams, so, they feel we don’t need to know how to build a sturdy house to stand up to our strength, if only they knew our flaws. Those people really need to learn how to live in our fictional reality, but I digress. 
   My first phone call was oddly redirected to the phone assistance service who, after keeping me on hold for twenty-three minutes, helped get my cell phone service re-activated with a couples plan; I guess destroying and re-creating a creation meant a change in cell phone companies. I was pleased that they recognized me as their Goddess and gave me a discount. Indeed, when you are worshiped as God, you should be entitled to divine offerings. This was the first thing I sought out in selecting a builder for our house. 

   “The land is vast my Goddess,” Mr. Bower said as he flew along side me. He was an anthropomorphic bird with a hefty build and thick brown feathers. He wore what most builders would wear: jeans, work boots and a flannel shirt. I lead him through a brief tour of a part of on our planet.
   “Of course Mister Bower, this planet is larger than quite a few suns,” I replied. “I’m still not sure why the place itself hasn’t become one.”
   “It’s by your will and elegance that keeps this planet so beautiful.” 
   I blushed at that, quite charming this one. When we returned to ground level, he tapped his boot a couple times then stomped on the ground as hard as he could leaving a crack. 
   “Never felt ground this dense and sturdy,” he told me. 
   “Is that going that be a problem?” I asked. 
   “Oh no my Goddess. We build pretty much anywhere and everywhere, that's why they call us The Building Angels." He laughed a hearty laugh. 
   "The Building Angels huh?” My husband-brother Maxel walked up to us holding one of their brochures. “You sure don’t look like an angel to me." 
   “Never said we were my God. It’s marketing. We have nothing to hide.” 
   Maxel made a nervous smile. “About that ‘God’ part. I don’t think, well, Mynette and I aren’t that much of—” 
   “Sush Maxx-dear!” I swatted at him. “Don’t be so rude to our guest and loyal follower!”
   “Mynette, he--”
   “His religion along with all religions are welcome and well respected in our creation! Right Maxel-daaaarrrrling?” I gritted my teeth.  
   “Yeeeeah, yeah of course!” he replied, backing away. 
   “Absolutely! Now, if you may excuse us, we have some business to attend to.” 
   I placed a hand on the Building Angel’s arm and ushered him away. No need to introduce any reasonable doubts or insults to his well-respected religion. We wouldn’t want to offend his deity, namely, me! 
   “I simply have to apologize for my husband-brother,” I said. “He was holding himself back quite a bit for your sake.”
   “It’s no problem!”  
   “Besides, I wouldn’t want to see you killed on the first day.”
   He raised his eyebrows in surprise as I continued with my own social offensive, “Maxel absolutely hates people calling him God, it can trigger his volatile divinity temperament. Oh, the places who bore witness to his rage…”
   Bower’s face paled, I pressed on. “Yes, Maxel’s ferocity knows no bounds. I’ve seen him blow up a entire galaxy for something as little as simple diplomacy. Luckily for you and your kind, you caught him in a very good mood today.”
   I heard a gulp from his throat and beads of sweat formed on his head. “Hanky?” I asked offering him a handkerchief. 
He took it without a response, oh, this was too easy! “What? No praise?” I mocked a cry of shock. “Not even a thank you to your benevolent goddess for her generosity?” 
   He gasped and his eyes darted left, right, up, side. I placed my hands on the sides of his arms to stop him, they were more firm than some beings I handled. He must have some super-strength. I gave his arms a squeeze just hard enough to get his full attention. 
   “I am hurt, but it’s okay. I understand if you don’t wish to work with the likes of us. My husband-brother however, will be very disappointed and I can only hope that he won’t get too angry.” 
   “N-n-n-no! I’m sorry Goddess! I didn’t mean to offend you! Please don’t tell him! I’ll make it right! I’ll do anything!” 
   I hid a smirk, “Anything?” 
   “Yes! We do want your business! We’ll make it right!” 
   “Good. I need a house strong enough to host overly powerful people and I need it built in three days.” 
   Bower almost tripped over himself and he coughed profusely. Surely he ought to have known that I wanted my house since yesterday. After regaining his footing, he looked at me with a grimace. I know it’s a lot of work but I was the largest and most powerful consumer he’s ever met. Of course I would demand impossible things of him. It’s how you become stronger, right? I decided to give him a bit of encouragement so I flashed him my most beautiful smile full with teeth that were shiny, pearly white and sharp. He stood up erect like a tree and nodded.
   I clapped my hands in approval, “Splendid! I do appreciate this as your offering in the matter. As for your apology, a divine discount will do quite nicely.” 
   His mouth dropped, but as soon as I raised an eyebrow in contempt, he nodded and dropped his head, surrendering to my superior negotiation skills.  

   The next day, Maxel and I arrived to a complete crowd of busy construction workers, many of which had wings like Mr. Bower’s. As we observed below, it was a swarm of builders carrying tools and parts. Some of them hefted large beams of metal that were connected to others forming some kind of tropical tree of metal. There was one at each side of what was going to be the entrance. Along the base of the house and around the main entrance, there were metal cauldrons of different shapes and sizes forming each structure. Many of Bower’s people used some kind of sticks with rubber tips to bang on them. Each strike ripped at my ears and my hands reached to cover them, but my ears were too long to protect them from this horrid concert of construction.
   “Blessed morning to you!” greeted Mr. Bower “I hope you like what you see and hear so far!”
   “What’s all of this?” Maxel asked.
   “Your new home, do you hear it? Do you hear it? Where we’re from, our strongest, most comfortable homes are built for acoustics and playability. With each hit, you can hear raw power!”
   “Musical Powerhouse! Not a bad idea!” Maxel praised. I, on the other hand, kept my hands on my ears, wincing as a bang, clang and bump of metal kept stabbing them like needles. 
   “Doesn’t it sound great my Goddess?” he asked me. I opened my mouth trying to put together a coherent response, but the notes kept breaking my focus. 
   “Impressive! You made Mynette speechless!” Maxel said. 
   Bower bowed and whistled over a group of workers to the entrance of the house and started dancing. With each tap they made with their shoes, a metallic note hit and echoed. Multiply this by twenty pairs of feet and it became a symphonic noise that made me want to rip my ears out! 
   I roared and slammed my foot which shook the structure, threw people off their feet and sent metallic cauldrons tumbling. I covered my ears from the sounds until silence, oh glorious silence. I stomped one foot after another and reached Mr. Bower who seemed puzzled by my sudden grabbing and lifting him up by his shirt. 
   “What horrible sounds are these?!” I hissed. 
   “Melodium is the strongest metal on our planet. It protects us and the sound from impact give us our creative energies. We thought a place that’s made from Melodium would be perfect to house Gods like yourselves.” 
   “You stupid excuse for a construction conductor! Those sounds seep through my ears like sizzling slag! Do you honestly think this Merry Melody Metal is strong enough to withstand my power?”
   “But Goddess, this music is powerful! Our gods, you, blessed us with this material that made our civilization so strong.”
   “It’s good music Mynette,” Maxel said. 
   “Like hell it is!”  
   The crowd gasped and turned towards me looking very offended by my comment. 
   “No!” Bower yanked and pulled away from me, landing back on the ground. “Our music has been celebrated and revered throughout the universe for thousands of years, passed down from generation to generation! It fills us with strength to build on our world and we would always be blessed when we played. You can’t be our god. Our god would love and cherish our music!” The group of workers dropped their tools and bunched together. A few hundred of them ganged up on Maxel and I. 
   “I don’t think this is a good idea guys,” warned Maxel raising his arms in defense.
   “The fake God Maxel, God Maxel. Maxel, Fake God Maxel! Why? Why do you keep her company?” he called out.
   “She's my wife-sister?” Maxel replied shrugging. 
   Bower paused and stared while Maxel's tail swept across the ground. “You’re not offended?” asked Bower. 
   “No. Why would I be offended?”
   "I called you God." 
   "So, calling someone God is offensive? Since when?" 
   Bower snarled. He and his group turned and unionized their fury towards me. Shit.
   “Your wife lied to us!” he exclaimed, taking one of of the sticks with rubber and slammed it hard against one of the larger metal cauldrons. The sound ripped at my ears and I shrieked and fell to my knees. It felt like the sound waves had swords that stabbed my head in all directions and I withered and sobbed in pain. 
   “Look at her, she cowers in the power of our music! She can’t be a Goddess. She’s weak!” exclaimed Bower. The crowd laughed. I felt Maxel try to comfort me. To see me like this… to see me...
   “…weak?” I hissed, pushing Maxel away. I got back to my feet on my own and the fury that all of these “angels” had paled as they all became prey in my sights. “W-E-A-K?!” my voice blasted in raw power and slammed into them. The laughing stopped as they were driven back, but, they all remained standing. I hovered off the ground and raised my hand as a ball of raw purple energy formed over my head. It grew into a glowing, boulder sized blast.
   “I am your God!” I boomed at them, then hurled it right at them and the house. Bower and a few of his people launched themselves towards the blast and stopped it mid-air.   
   “Don’t let her destroy it! Push hard! Don't believe in what she says!” he commanded. 
   And they did, they pushed back against the blast and for a moment, they held it in place. They actually knew energy control on top of having super strength as well as knowing how to build? I snorted. 
   “I will make you believe,” I sneered. I held out my palm, feeling out the gravitational force of my projectile and gripped it. With a push, they were pushed back until they slammed into their group and that ugly musical house. Their combined collision made a single note, a B-flat or was it A-sharp? Definitely B-flat as I heard a mix of metal, flesh and bone being crushed while the ball swelled outward. Just as the remaining crew scattered, my energy ball exploded, engulfing them along with the house which sent a mushroom cloud into the sky. 
Maxel kept his arms up until the debris cleared. He turned towards me with a frown. 
   “Mynn, they could have just tuned the house to not hurt your ears,” he scolded. 
   “Forget it Maxx,” I scoffed. “I utterly hate live bands that masquerade as construction companies. I very much prefer them dead!”

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