Mynette Obercosm

#9 – Measuring By Mynns


   I’ve been nice and tame enough. Enough with the crap contractors and arrogant threats. This scapegoat presented to me with pure, high-heeled white boots will be skinned, spiced, marinated, roasted and utterly consumed, meat, bones and all! 

   “Hey! You deaf or something? I said, I want to talk to you!” the person snapped at me. 
   I opened my mouth wide and raw energy shot straight into the sky shifting its color to vivid purple as it cleared into space. Once I closed my mouth, I licked my lips in anticipation of seeing the roasted head of my would-be enemy to land in a burnt heap on the ground. Instead, I felt crushing pain on my tum-tum followed by a bang which blasted through my body. The amazing and painful thing was that the ground still remained intact for the most part and I sunk at least a foot in the ground while the land shook. Indeed, I cannot remember when I felt such pain. I would have enjoyed the fact that my planet hardly flinched at the strike, except, yes, screaming pain. 
   My eyes trembled as I saw one of the white boots pressed in my stomach, they inched up and found a fair skinned face with sharp teeth. My attacker hissed as if ready to eat me of all people.
   “Mynn!” My husband-brother shouted. 
   “What?” I and the person snapped back. 
   “Um… I mean Mynn who isn’t Mynette.” he continued. 
   I took a closer look. She had purple eyes like I did but she sported short periwinkle hair. I pushed off and stumbled to my feet with my hand on my stomach. 
   “She started it!” the other Mynn said. “Not my fault she asked for a stomach stomping. I’ll kick her ass too if she talks to me that way again.”
   “Watch your mouth you little… you little?” I look forward, then down at her boots again before my gaze went back up and up and up. I felt rather skinny in front of this, Super Muscular Amazonian Mynn? I haven’t seen someone of this stature since shortly after I was born and even though I myself was a taller woman than most humans, six feet if you were keeping count, I still had to look up to her. The entire white one piece dress clenched tightly around her upper body and had a skirt that left her long and strong legs exposed. One can better appreciate the ensemble if one was able to pull their eyes away at the window in her torso showing off meaty muscled layers of chest that served as a platform for her barely contained bosom. I suppose she had to overcompensate for her female masculinity.  
   “A little six-foot-seven, six-ten in these high-heels,” she said, smirking at me. 
   I floated up and met her eye to eye snarling but she held out a palm towards me, “I just want to talk. We’re both Mynn right?”
   “Just because you’re bigger than me, it doesn’t mean a thing. You were born from me like all the others.” 
   “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Born from you? I never met you in my life. You’re saying you’re my Mom?”
   "I am not your bloody Mom!" 
   I was going to float into Mynn’s personal space when Maxel got in between us. “Mynette gets a little crazy when she’s hungry. You’re probably the same way. Maybe I can get you guys some take out while you talk it out?” he asked. 
   “Hey yeah, that would be cool, uh, who are you?” Overly female-masculine Mynn said.
   “Huh. Never met a Maxx before huh? Call me Maxel.”    
   “Sweet. I'm Myniki but people call me Niki,” that pompous Mynn said then posed in front of us flexing her bulging biceps as if she was some Ms. Multiverse Bodybuilder. “But as I am now, I am totally the most awesome Elf Super Hero of the cosmos! Ælfric Girl!”  
   “A superhero Mynn? That’s a first. News flash! Ælfric Girl defeats the Evil Mynette and sends her to jail.” Maxel chuckled. 
   I shot a blast at Maxel and he leaned over, dodging it.
   “There is no jail in existence that can contain me,” I growled. 
   “Okay, okay, you’re hungry. I’m going.” 
   Both Myniki and I peered at Maxel as he flew away into space. My gaze fell back on the larger Mynn who continued staring at my husband-brother. 
   “He’s mine!” I hissed.
   “I know. Never thought I’d find a wolf person looking good. Weird. Never was into fur people. But a girl can ‘mire Maxxes can’t she?” she giggled. 
   “Get your own Maxx you Mynn Meatcake!" I snapped "Now, you came here wanting to talk?” 
   “Yeah, so I felt a shitload of power coming from this creation that was like my own. Thought I’d travel here to check it out.”
   Myniki dragged her boots across the ground and it only parted slightly before she gave it a couple hard taps that made muffled booms. 
   “Man, this planet is tough. Doesn’t crumble or break easily when I take steps. I always had to hold back. Here, I can actually relax and let loose a bit. How’d you find this planet anyway Mynn?” she asked. 
   “It’s Mynette to you. Maxel and I actually made it along with everything else when we…” I trailed off, and felt heat flush though my cheeks remembering our creatively intimate moments. 
   “You guys made all of this when you fu--” 
   “Honestly Mynn!" I shouted. "Do you just go, gallivanting around creations and ask promiscuous questions like this?”
   “Hey, I'm just-- like-- whoa,” She shivered. “I just wanted to fight whomever had that much power. I’m a Superhero and superheroes have to eat, train and get stronger! You never know when you'll face a stronger enemy in a crisis and I love the challenge of fighting someone new.” 
   Myniki made a fist in front of me and I watched the bulge in her bicep swell, threatening to burst through her sleeve. 	
   “So, have you fought Gods before? Since I made this creation, I’m the Goddess.” I told her. 
   Myniki smirked and gave me a look over before she laughed. “Wow, ego much?”
   I glared, “Being what I am makes me feel good.”
   “Yeah sure, you do you. But I’m like you and I never felt that much power before. How did you do that?”
   “I’ll repeat myself again dearest sister. Which is what you are. I am the original Mynn and you are clearly an immature variant copy of me. Understand?”
   “Got it. Let’s fight until the food gets here,” she said without a hint of hesitation. ”I want to see how strong you really are.” She smiled at me with beaming anticipation as if she just unboxed and placed her hands on a new toy.  
   “I existed far longer than you. So it should be obvious how much of a gap there is between our power levels,” I warned her.  
   “Even though I totally stomped you. Just saying.” 
   “You were lucky!” I hissed at her. 
   “If you say so… ‘Ego Goddess Mynette.’” She grinned and licked her lips as her eyes met my own and narrowed. 

   My stomach growled as the hunger pains grew anew. Very well, the food Maxel brings will be a fitting reward for crushing my big little sister.

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