Boundless: Tier Zero Character Guide


Background / Lore

Tier Zero beings are boundless and up to recently were not allowed to be in the OPH creation, a part of the service protection provided by the Holy Continuum Exchange. However, the cost of this protection made by other Tier Zeroes who manage the Holy Continuum Exchange skyrocketed after a few incidents involving Mynns becoming too big and powerful, causing collateral damage to other creations.

Faced with being passed those costs, Mynette struck a deal to allow Tier Zeroes to enter her creation much to her chagrin. As part of this money-saving tactic, Mynette had to introduce new power dynamics in the OPH Creation with the hiring new Tier Zero admins as the new Tier Zero Power Force or TZPF.

Tier Zero Licensing

Tier Zeroes apply though the Tier Zero Power Force and gain licenses to be in the creation and are approved to use certain powers within. But in return, are vulnerable to being erased.

Tier Zeroes will not be able to override the erase mechanic nor server powers due to the fact that other Tier Zeroes own the Holy Continuum Exchange.

As a being with powers that transcends everyone else’s, it is super easy for the character to be called for a vote and be erased. Such as it is with boundless power…

Applying / Adding Your Tier Zero Character

Before any Tier Zero character can use their abilities legally, they must apply for a license, much like a license for driving. That is done in the #tz-license-apps channel.

Tier 0 vs. Tier 1-A

One thing that distinguishes between a Tier 0 and a Tier 1-A is that while a Tier 1-A character is not bound by dimensions, a Tier Zero stands above everything.

“Such characters will usually stand hierarchically above everything, including existence and nonexistence, possibility, causality, dualism, the concepts of life and death, etcetera.”

VS Battle Wiki

The definition of a Tier 0 being can be described in one word: Boundless. One that both exist and not exist. All possibilities, causes and effects happen at the same time for them.

Such characters can still display minor weaknesses or limitations. For example, if a Tier Zero assumes a physical form, they actually place a limit on themselves and potentially present a “weaker” state to be able to be in the presence of lower level beings.

So I’m a Tier Zero, do I have to follow the rules?


Since all players must agree to the rules of OPH before entering, all Tier Zero characters are still bound by all the rules and mechanics of the creation. Mynette is still the owner of the creation and attempting to circumvent that or using your powers to try to force ownership away from will be seen by Mynette, her family and staff as hostile and can lead to a Reason to Kill situation.

Likewise, other characters may see you as hostile or dare we say “unbelievable” which will lead the underpowered, that is, compared to Tier Zeroes, 3-A or lower, to vote for your erasure.

Erasure of a Tier Zero Character

Erasure of a Tier Zero Character is the only way a Tier Zero can eliminated unless through some agreement or voluntary removal. Once erased from the OPH creation, that character can never come back. Period.

Any character 3-A or lower can create a poll to erase a Tier Zero at any time for any reason except for any Tier Zeroes who work for OPH as they are under a contract.

Even though characters in tiers 3-A or higher than cannot vote on a Tier Zero Erasure, they can influence other characters to hold a vote.

The Vote is initiated by running a poll, use the !suggest command like this:

!suggest “I do not believe in the Hawaiian Pizza Guy because they said peanut butter should go on top instead of pineapple.”

Once posted, users have 24 hours from the time the vote is activated, to vote. If the vote fails, the character is safe from new votes for a week. So make sure you time it well!

If the vote succeeds, the character is permanently erased from OPH.

Tier Zero License Penalties (Enforceable by the TZPF)

Offense Demerits
Using a power that is not licensed for use inside the OPH creation At the discretion of the TZPF
Illegally Godmoding 3 pts
Using powers with no Tier Zero License Automatic Mute until a license is issued + 6 pts
Each Warning issued by OPH Staff 4 pts
Each Mute issued by OPH Staff 6 pts
Each Kick Issued by OPH Staff 10 pts
Each Ban Issued by OPH Staff Automatic loss of license + 16 pts

Every 8 Demerits earns a +1 vote in the next erasure vote against the character.

Appeals of License Violations issued by TZPF Officers

You can appeal a decision by a TZPF Officer to Mynette. If the decision is upheld, licensing of one or more of your powers will be revoked. Mynette is a very busy and powerful woman. Don’t piss her off by complaining about small things like how you’re too powerful to control yourself.

Why so harsh on Tier Zeros?

Tier Zero characters are boundless and can easily become boring due to seemingly lack of ability for conflict or experiencing something that allows others to be empathetic to them plus it keeps players challenged.