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Review: Villainess Life


Mynnie’s Note: Hello, Myndi does have a way with words and this piece has a lot of Meta in it. So it’s worth noting that she and I are fictional characters that exist in a fictional creation separate from your own.

This review is from Myndi’s point of view and her expressed opinions are her own and does not reflect those any of the real writers, editors and publishers of OPH from your world. The Overpowered House does not condone any type of violence in your real world.


After a session of Super City, Gamer girl Miranda thought she would slave another day as a normal person trapped in her job, relationships and real life. But instead, she woke up trapped in her gaming evil alter-ego. That character build-out gave her a super-strong and super-sexy body that totally wasn’t like her real self. She totally made Murder Maid the way she wanted and now she would embrace and live that life, Villainess Life, a LitRPG Novel by Tom Warin.  

Murder Maid was Miranda’s strong female character with flight, super-speed, super-strength and laser vision, y’know, all those flying brick super powers. After she bent the steel bars and kicked the cell door into the wall, the guard who tried to stop her would only get a glance of her glowing eyes and zap! Miranda’s first victim was turned to mush! Yaaaaaas, the digital human mushy mush!!

She needed to get herself out of jail by making friends with other super-villains who respect her murdering mania and might. It helps to be a level 20 in a crowd of underpowered supers. She’ll need their help though, because, even in replaying the first level, the game also scaled up and sent 20-foot tall powered armored bodies against them, something that should only happen in later levels.

Grind, punch, punch, rip and zap! I love it when I have to grind against my opponents to rip off every metal panel, leg, arm and door.  But Murder Maid didn’t go after the pilots inside. Why? I always think I’m in a game and being a fictional person, I don’t have to worry it if I destroy fictional things. I find it fun and stress releasing to destroy!

A weak human like Miranda, who has feelings, remorse, guilt and morals but now with the power to rip things with her hands and burn things with her eyes has to hold back. Even if it’s a game she has to wrestle with the risk that she might face bad penalties if she murdered like Murder Maid in what to her was now real.

Since she lost Murder Maid’s lair, assets and personal properties, Miranda had to start her new Villainess Life with very little which meant doing jobs with other Villain groups and fight other Villains who try to claim her turf. She also inherits Murder Maid’s infamy and relationships which also broke under Miranda’s watch. She had to find a different and dependable strength to rebuild them with which was not easy for a Villain. With Miranda in there, she still kicked ass and I cheered (so hard I destroyed a few universes) as she cracked bones and zapped people, so no lack of action there. It only got bored for me when Miranda really went out of her way to avoid risking a kill. I guess she was scared it might blow her chance to go home.

After I finished playing tag with the people in this city, I curled up for Murder Maid Mayhem. Squeee!

The ending to the story was okay. I thought all the bad people in the stories would be murdered, but Miranda convinced her criminal friends not to kill them too. Does this make her an anti-villain in her villainess life? Does destroying in a place that’s not real but then it gets virtually real makes it really unreal? Arrrgs! So CONFUZZULING!!!

But I still love Murder Maid so much. I wish I could meet the real fictionally real Murder Maid one day. Until then, I’ll read the book over and over for inspiration and be her number one fan even though I don’t know how Murder Maid was really like. There’s always head cannons and fan fiction!  But I will be part of the anti-Miranda club, Miranda was not a real Villainess in the real world.

Tldr; – Under-powered human Miranda gets to be her evil super-powered alter-ego in a game. Her new super-villain life gave all the good, bad and ugly parts of it. To live that new life, she brought the human into Murder Maid, prevented the murdering parts and still kicked the bad guys’ asses Miranda’s way.   

50 out of 10 if Miranda wasn’t inside Murder Maid as I think I’d love Murder Maid more. If I had to judge the book as is with Miranda… um… 7 out of 10.

(Seconds before that universe was destroyed)

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